Anbox-modules-dkms port for Debian


Issue: Currently, there is no support for anbox-modules-dkms package for debian.

Check comment by morphis in the issue below for details:

Goal: Port the package.

This topic will focus on development related to this issue only. Any help, suggestions and recommendations are welcome.
PS: I am new here, it would be great if somebody can get me up to speed or point me in the right direction to get a kickstart.



Thanks for bringing this up! I think making the anbox-modules-dkms package should be a big junk of work as I think it should just need an update to debian/changelog an being submitted in a place where people can access it. I am not sure if we can host a debian package in a PPA on like we do for Ubuntu but if we can that would be preferred as we then have a single, trusted source for these packages regardless which distribution is used. Otherwise we can also host them on


There is a way we can pull packages from launchpad PPAs and build them for Debian.

Would this be a feasible option during installation of anbox? May be detect the distro and build accordingly.
If not, we would have to host it on


Good point. I think the easiest is if we setup a Debian archive on all new Ubuntu users are pulling from and all Debian users. The package itself shouldn’t need much rework for this. Using reporepo ( should be all we need here. Can do this later today.


Well, I am new to Open Source Development and want to learn. So I would like to do something, however small or large it may be. Can you tell me what to do?


I still have it on my list to write a post to explain which things we exactly need help with so people like you know where you can start looking into.

If you want a pointer right now, going through, identifying duplicates and making sure all bugs have enough information so that a developer can have a look would be awesome!