Anbox support on Solus 3 Linux


Since August 15, 2017, Solus has now provided out of the box support for Snaps.

However, when installing anbox, the installer complains that Solus is not supported. checks using “lsb_release -i -s”. If I update the lsb-release file to something like Ubuntu, it passes the check but fails since it uses apt for installing additional packages which doesn’t exist in Solus as it uses eopkg.

So I was wondering when you’ll be providing support for Solus.



I personally wont. As Solus now supports snaps we can use the anbox snap there as well as anywhere else. Only missing peace is the binder/ashmem kernel driver. Somebody needs to go and package these and then we can provide a package you can install on Solus. Interested in working on this?