Any features to look forward to in Android O?


I know there are some new features coming in Android O that will help Anbox like better mouse support, are there any others? Like better multiscreen support?


Better multi-screen support will help us for sure. Android 7 brought a few first parts, like the hwcomposer v2 API but on the other architecture levels there is more which seems to be coming now finally with O. Other than that I really hope there will be a lot desktop UI/app related improvements which will make Anbox’s job much easier as generally we try just to reuse what AOSP ships and not to customise Android much.


Great! Looking forward to seeing how you plug Android APIs into the Linux desktop. Having something like tasker being able to control wifi, brightness, etc would be pretty amazing if possible :slight_smile:


A possible thing but not really on the roadmap. Will get a bit tricky to get both worlds married here but Chrome OS has some code somebody could look into. We would have to cut somewhere in the Android stack to strip wpa-supplicant out of the equitation. Interested in looking into this?


I would love to, I just know nothing about programming so I can’t say I would be of much help :confused:


There is much more to do than just programming. I will write a bit more about what interested people can do to help getting Anbox forward. :slight_smile:


I want to help Anbox but me too don’t know much :stuck_out_tongue: But I will try my best to help this project. Looking forward team!