App Compatibility List


App Compatibility List

Sorry for my english.

I am an fresh man to use Anbox, and when I use Anbox, I found many applications is compatible in Anbox while many other applications are not compatible right now. So I want to make a App Compatibility List to all the Anbox users. Most of all I need you Anbox user to improve this App Compatibility List all together. Thank you all for your contributions for Anbox project.

P.S. The reason caused many applications are incompatible on Anbox is their apk file do not contain x86 Library, and Anbox do not have any ARM Binary Translation such as libhoudini.

Compatible Applications List

  • AIDA64 1.46
  • Cookapk market 7.9.2
  • Via broswer 3.1.3
  • ES file explorer
  • Baidu Tieba

Incompatible Applications List for the moment

  • Chrome 59.0
  • Solid Explorer 2.2.7
  • TIM 1.1.5
  • QQ HD 3.0.1
  • QQ 7.1.0


Cool apk store also works totally fine!


Quran 2.7.5-p1 works fine too!