Can't Install Anbox


Ubuntu 14.04 system, logged in as root, tried to install Anbox using the command:

snap install --classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer

and get following error:

ERROR: Don’t run the anbox-installer as root or via sudo. Simply
invoke it with your regular user. The script will use sudo
on its own when needed.

The problem is that the regular user is root. The only account active on this machine is root (Yes, I know all the arguments for and against doing this, and any further discussion about it’s appropriateness is tangential to this topic and not helpful). This seems to be an installation script shortfall or bug. is there a way I can edit the installation script so as to work around this?
Is there a way to install anbox as root or do I have to create a non-root account to install software on my machine?

This is the only time I’ve ever NOT been able to do something as root, and is quite honestly a bit frustrating.


Correction - Kubuntu 16.04 not ubuntu 14.04


I wonder if something like this would work:


Bump, same problem here, switching to non.root user dont help
Any solution jet?