Installed APK does not work on Anbox


Hello there. I am a noob at this, so I could barely get anbox and adb to install a custom apk.

I had to do some troubleshooting to get anbox, and it was hard to get adb and the apk file. But finallly, when I got these three things, I could install the app.

I ran the command “$ sudo adb install /home/jesus/Downloads/Software/Amino.apk”, and the installation was successful.

When I started anbox, the app was there. But when I clicked it, the windows turned black for a few seconds, and the closed and reopened again in the apps menu.

I tried again, and again, and I got no different results.

I tried rebooting, and some other troubleshooting, but I could not get the app to work.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Do any of the preinstalled apps, like calendar, run?