Make Anbox Core Part of Ubuntu


I know this seems like a crazy thing to propose. But I think a project like this will really help with Linux desktop adoption, as it potentially fills some gaps in the software catalog. Should we propose that this becomes a part of Ubuntu desktop and undertake some work to make applications that are available through F-Droid show up in GNOME Software?

Am I completely crazy? I think it would be an interesting conversation to discuss where this project can go, and what the ultimate goals are.


Interesting idea. However this can’t happen unless Anbox is stable and this is still far in the future. If anbox gets included in a distribution by default that would be nice but what we should look more into is that the latest Anbox version can be installed very easily everywhere (via snaps).

The other point you mention that we can work towards Android applications being included in a store like the Ubuntu one and being executed by Anbox is interesting. Something we have to think through a bit more. Would fit the typical “one snap provides a plugin for another snap”. We need to evaluate with upstream if this is something feasible for the snap ecosystem.


I second this. At least with Ubuntu, as Canonical hasn’t been shy about including packages other distros don’t if it makes the experience better for the user (See ZFS, for example). I think as users use more and more apps, being able to install their favorite apps can make the core experience that much better for them.


Dude you are not crazy. Far from that. Just my opinion, but I believe this would be THE MOST important step for Linux to reach an untapped mass market that is just sitting there. Millions of people could switch to Linux just because of this. Imagine that. No more waiting for Microsoft to release Skype for Linux or Evernote to release a Linux client. Your favorite mobile apps will just work in Ubuntu. This should be the ultimate goal for Linux developers. It surprises me the lack of vision of Canonical, Redhat and manufacturers like System 76 and Dell for not been pouring money like crazy into this project. Why is that? I heard that Google will replace the Linux kernel with something proprietary. If they do that will this project not work anymore?


Not proprietary, people just assume that Google is building Fuschia to be the base for Android, but as far as we can tell there’s no correlation. I do wish Google would back Anbox though


i am new to your forum, i have just reinstalled Anbox,to my neon plasma os, i am also using UBports (formerly ubuntu-touch). I am hoping that Anbox could be used in UBports ,to fill the need for other apps,that most of us need from time to time,on these UBports devices. I am just a user not a dev, although i have played around swapping roms, and know enough to break stuff.


I know there is interest from the UBports folks to do that but I guess they are busy with a lot of other things at the moment :slight_smile:


Yes, lots of interest in the UBports community. Does anyone know what would be required to run Anbox on Ubuntu Touch?

Also what does the Anbox development need in order to reach a usable state with support for any Android application?


This could be great if Google would allow it. They could make some good money from the sale of Play Store cards from people on Linux wanting to pay for apps.