No network connectivity when running own build


Hey everyone,

This is probably no bug, which is why I haven’t posted it on github.
I’ve got anbox running on my machine ( Ubuntu 16.04 with 4.12 mainline kernel ), after building it from source.
Container service is running fine, session manager runs ( though when run through systemd anbox launch command can’t find it. Despite running under the same user ).

But no internet connection within the box.

At first I thought the issue was the lxc network bridge. But I’ve tried creating one through the script provided, as well as creating one manually. And in both case the container service sees the bridge and gives no furhter, but still there is no connectivity inside the box.

I’ve even changed the ip adres of the bridge ( because ifconfig from within the box mentions a different IP then the one from the scripts ), but no affect.

ifconfig does mention (on the host ) that there is no carrier. But I can’t find the reason for that.

I was wondering, as I’m writing this, that the docker containers I’ve also got running might be interfering. So I’ll try disabling those. But for now, I can’t seem to find a lead on how to proceed other then that.

I suspect I either doing a step wrong, or forgetting a step ( also, is it normal that I need to create the bridge manually? ).

PS: I can’t install it through snap, because snap doesn’t work on 16.04 with 4.12 kernel.
PPS: I’m using the most recent pre-built android image provided in the repo.

Let me know if I can give you more info about my setup.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Any specific reason why you have to run the mainline kernel? AFAIK there is an 4.12 based Ubuntu kernel somewhere available already.

As you’ve build from source, which git revision did you take as base for that?