Question about running Android in container


Hi guys,

I’m working on a direct rendering Android running inside container
inspired by ChromeOS method for running Android apps:

The good news is the rendering and display works, I can boot into the
screen locker, open the system setting window and navigate inside it.
The bad news is I can’t get the launcher startup so that I can run some

The reason why I post my question for help here is that I borrowed most
of the changes made by this project to boot Android inside container (except
the graphics part). So you guys may meet the same problem and know
how to fix it.

Here is the logcat output:

I can see error:



It seems first time the BatteryService start fail due to service not available but second time it starts. Does this related with system service start order (healthd & system service)?


It’s confirmed the problem of BatteryService start too quickly. I added a wait for the service get function, it’s OK now. The Launcher problem is also find to be missing the AppWidgetService.