Ubuntu Core + Anbox = Rolling Android?


This may sound like a crazy idea, but hear me out.

Among the many concerns people have over Android, a couple are that

  1. The final shipping OEM version of Android is almost never fully open-source (it may honestly be never, I don’t know), and
  2. The shipped product very infrequently gets updates.

So my question is, if Anbox were to have a special Snap packed up that ships a Display Server so that it can work on Ubuntu Core, wouldn’t that solve both of the above issues? You could have a full open source Android version that can continually get updates since Ubuntu Core is handling the kernel, making way for a safer, better Android.

Is that possible? If so, do you think that is feasible?


Basically the Ubports folks are doing something similar to this. Bu yeah it won’t really be completely opensource unless its ported to a phone like librem 5