What happened with Anbox since the public release?


Hey everyone,

since the official release a few things have happened. We were a bit overwhelmed by the enormous feedback we got on various channels and all the news reports. We’ve got quite a few bug reports we have to work through but given the pre-alpha nature of Anbox this is completely OK as this was really what we were looking for when making Anbox public.

Anbox was pretty famous in the news. Just to list a few news articles:

Also we got video reviews on Youtube:

And finally we got out own Wikipedia article :slight_smile:

So in summary it looks like Anbox is really filling a gap and people enjoy the fact that it’s there, helping them to develop Android applications natively on a Linux system or just to run their favorite applications next to other Linux applications.

On the development front we landed a few changes to fix the most annoying bugs but haven’t been able to solve every reported bug yet as Anbox remains a spare-time project for all its developers. Please be patient with us :slight_smile:

If you want to help us, there are multiple things you can do:

  • If you’re a developer, have a look at the source code and help fixing bugs or implement new features. We don’t have a clear development roadmap yet. Best is you come to one of our communication channels and have a discussion with the other developers.
  • Helping other users: With the enourmous amount of bug reports we got there is also a fair amount of cleanup necessary as we have a lot of duplicate bug reports and also many which don’t help much because they are missing certain information about the system, what really has happened etc. Helping out here and trying to clarify in the bug reports what the real problem is so that a developer has an easier job to provide a solution is something absolutely necessary. There are nice guidelines out there what it means to provide a helpful bug report (for example from Mozilla).
  • Spread the word about Anbox. Tell your friends and others that Anbox exists so we can attract more people in getting involved!